Council tax - if you can not pay

Council tax is a local collection tax. It is collectable by law and recoverable through the courts. Not paying your council tax is a serious offence and can result in severe action being taken against you.
If you are having problems paying you should:

You should not ignore bills and reminders. If you get into payment difficulties and you can't afford your instalments, contact us straight away. We may be able to help you by making a different payment arrangement. Remember that paying by direct debit ensures that your payments are made on time every month.

Council tax reminders and final notices

We are aware that sometimes money may be tight and that might make it difficult to pay your council tax on time.

If you have received a council tax reminder, second reminder or final notice, it is because you have failed to pay as requested on your latest council tax bill.

If you have paid the full amount shown on the notice within the five days prior to receiving your reminder or final notice, you may ignore the reminder/final notice. If you have not made a payment, the full amount shown as arrears is now due.


You may be entitled to a reduction on your council tax.

To find out more see the information on council tax benefit, discounts and exemptions or if you prefer contact us.

Outstanding payments

Please note that the amount shown on your reminder, second reminder or final notice will remain due throughout any appeal, application for benefits, or claim for a discount or exemption you choose to make.

Taking further action

Do not ignore the notice you have received. If you do not make a payment we will have no option but to take the next step in the recovery process - issuing a summons. This will incur costs of £75.00, added onto your council tax bill and payable by you.

If you cannot pay the full amount shown on the reminder second reminder or final notice please contact us. We may be able to help you further.

When you are sent a final notice your right to pay by instalments for the current year is lost. However, we may be prepared to reinstate your instalments if you agree to set up a direct debit so that we can deduct these instalments directly from your bank account as they become due.

You can set up a direct debit now by phoning us on the number below where your details can be taken, alternatively you can print off the Direct Debit form below and send it to us on the address shown.

Direct Debit instruction

However, you should not elect to pay by this method if you are unable to afford the instalments as bank charges will be incurred should your bank not honour the payment.

Recovery action taken by the Council for collection of council tax debt will not affect your credit rating and you will not be "black listed" as a result .

The fact that you have received notices or court summons in one financial year will not affect your right to pay your council tax by instalments in the next financial year.

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